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15 Philippine Police involved in illegal activities inside Bilibid Prison is under investigation

According to a report from the Philippine news program, 15 policemen are under investigation for their acts of contraband inside the new prison cell.

Due to the removal of illegal structures inside the prison here, the Bureau of Correction (BuCor) has found that the police have been treated badly in the illegal contraband.

On Friday, BuCor saw 60 pieces of tobacco coming into the prison cell as it was placed inside a police meal.  Also found 2 liters of wine in a bottle of ice tea.  BuCor also seized 14 cell phones of police officers when they surprising frisking inside the area.  Cellphone use inside the jail is strictly prohibited.

Bureau of Correction spokeswoman Wena Dalagagan said, the police involved in the issue are currently under investigation.  And these papers have been handed over to the Philippine National Police to charge them.  BuCor suspected that the cigars and alcohol smuggled by police were being sold to prisoners.  Its cost is around P10,000 to P20,000.

The confiscated cellphones are being evaluated by BuCor whether they are used personally by police or for sale directly to prisoners.  The police involved are currently being removed from their assignments as they continue to investigate.

Meanwhile, BuCor Director Gerald Bantag immediately ordered that all people entering to the prison must need to frisk whether they were police or visitors.


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