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19 Dead, 16 were missing after super typhoon Hagibis hits Japan

After the typhoon landfall in Japan, there were 19 people found dead in the area of Kanagawa, Gunma, Chiba and Fukushima. While 16 are still missing and 126 injuries were reported by NHK.They said it is the strongest typhoon hits the country in 60 years. It causes overflowing of rivers, loss of electricity and collapsed of railway bridge the in Chikuma River.
The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe held an emergency meeting with other Ministers to create a team that focuses on saving people and property in the area where the most damage by the typhoon.The government promises to restore the services as soon as they can with the help of other agencies. According to NHK, there are 425,000 homes lost their electricity and also many areas are still underwater. The military use helicopter in rescuing people that are trapped in their houses near the sea. After the typhoon Hagibis headed to Japan's Northeast Coast, the flood warnings and rains we're lifted. For Kanto Regions and Tokyo, lifted on Sunday morning.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe offered his "condolences for the people killed in the disaster and my sincere sympathy for the people affected by this disaster."

"Now not only police, fire department and coast guard, but also 27,000 staff of the self-defense force are on rescue, search for missing and supporting evacuation," Abe said Sunday. "We are to enhance the scale of operation depending on necessity."

Operations after Typhoon

The schedule of Shinkansen Bullet Trains start on Sunday from Tokyo but there are some exception in services for affected areas and the subway system of Tokyo were also operating.The main airports have stopped the flights and landing in Haneda and Narita causing the mandatory order for cancellation of flights. The planned for Maritime Fleet Review on Monday was cancelled and the match between Namibia and Canada in Kamaishi on Sunday we're also cancelled for The Rugby World Cup. The organizers of Formula One Grand Prix cancelled all practice for qualify session for Saturday.

the Japan Meteorological Agency compared Hagibis could rival the Kanogawa typhoon of 1958, which killed more than 1,200 people in Shizuoka Prefecture and the Tokyo region.

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