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2 Pinoy Athletes to received 1 million pesos for bagging gold medal in the World Championship competition

 Two Filipino athletes give pride to the Philippines after winning gold medals in World Championship Competition.

According to Republic Act No. 10699 known as "National Athletes and Couches Benefits and Incentives Act, whoever brings honour and recognition should be given a reward for their hard work. The two Filipino athletes will receive Php 500,000 each except from incentives they will also receive another Php 500,000 each from PSC according to PSC Chairman William Ramirez.

Nesthy Petecio is the one who won the gold medal in Russia for 2019 Aiba Women's World Boxing Championship. While Yulo won a gold medal in Germany from FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championship. They also qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. Aside from them, there are also there Filipinos who were given rewards. Rumour Marcial an Olympics qualifier boxer who won n gold medal in 2015 & 2017 Sea Games and Ulaanbataar cup. He will also receive Php 500,000. Pole Vaulter Ernest John Obiena the first Filipino to qualify in Tokyo Olympics 2020 he will receive Php 250,000.


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