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4 Filipinos disguising as tourist and planned to work in Dubai were intercepted by Immigration in Manila Airport

   As The Filipino Times reported, The immigration officials in Ninoy Aquino International Airport stopped the 4 undocumented Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) that is bound to Dubai as Domestic Helper disguised as a tourist.

  Bureau Commissioner Jaime Morente warns the OFW workers to follow the rules and comply with all the requirements to prevent human trafficking and also he warns all the agencies to stop the illegal recruitment because they may face Human trafficking Cases and can face of Life Imprisonment. Morente said that they cannot be allowed this doing because they have campaigned for Human Trafficking.

  They detected the undocumented OFWs when they pretended to be a tourist an have a vacation in Thailand. They pretend to know each other well as co-workers and friends but later on, they admitted that they are supposed to work as Domestic Helper in Dubai, said BI Port Operations Division Chief Grifton Medina.


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