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52 Prostitutes arrested in Taipei City

TAIPEI - CNA reported today that the Taipie City Police conducted a raid on the sex trafficking operation and it has arrested 52 people including 36 foreign nationals.

Police told a press briefing about their actions during the raid operation.  More than 100 police officers are acting on a tip-off.  They surrounded the entire Kangding Road building in the city of Wanhua District at 6 pm before entering and searching for arrest warrants.

During the raid, 10 Taiwanese suspects were arrested for sex trafficking, including 42 sex workers - 2 from China, 6 from Vietnam, 6 from Taiwan and 28 are from Thailand.

Chief of Investigation Squad Chen Wei-Jen said all the books of accounts of the arrested and other evidences in the area were seized by the Police during that raid operation.  Chen further said that the 10 Taiwanese suspects who had committed the prostitution had been held by the Taipei District Prosecutor's office for an invesigation, and that foreign sex workers have been detained by immigration authorities because of their pending deportation to the  findings of the probe.  6 Taiwanese sex workers are also charged under the Social Order Maintenance Act.

Foreign sex workers caught in Taiwan have come as Tourists and exploited their vulnerability and thus become involved in the sex trafficking ring.  Police said illegal recruiters were recruiting women from overseas to take to Taiwan to work as a massage therapist and position at the beauty parlor but when they arrived in Taiwan they would be admitted to a Prostitution.


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