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54 OFW laid-off from Yageo Company in Taiwan arrived in Manila Philippines

Fifty four Filipinos working in a factory in Taiwan arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) onboard a China Airlines flight.

Yageo Corporation a popular company in the field of passive electronics and one of the supplier of Apple Inc. 

The passive component maker ranked 7th in TWSE compensation with a total of 9 directors. 
CBTC Financial Holding Co. And Taiwan 

Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation has a total compensation of NT380.09 million and NT378.09 million respectively that ranked 2nd and 3rd Uni-President enterprise corps in taiwan biggest food and beverages with compensation of NT320.22

The company had been able to lay off the female factory workers but unfortunately some of them did not know they would apply the company's transfers and should during their transfers the company would answer the food and property. We have naassist 2 workers in this company and are open to the shelter they requested.

According to some airport authorities, the Filipinos used to work for electronics company Yageo Corporation in Taiwan.

A representative of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) said the repatriated workers were not considered distressed overseas Filipinos workers, and were properly compensated by the Taiwanese company before they were sent home


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