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6 Lifeguard, Surfers caught having pot session in San Juan Beach La Union Philippines


In San Juan Beach La Union Surfer-Lifeguard caught in the act while using illegal drugs, not opposed and immediately arrested by PNP.

Six lifeguard-surfer after they were suspected of being in the way of the perceived shabu in a cottage on the coast of Barangay Urbiztondo, San Juan, La Union 

The arrested met Melvar Curioso, 26-year-old, of Barangay Pulino, Bacoor, Cavite; Crisanto Villanueva, 23, of Barangay Raois, Bacnotan; Jericho Teruel, 20, of Barangay Lingsat, San Fernando City, La Union; Jonel Villaruel, 23; Ernest Groive, 23; Anthony Valdez, all the lifeguard-surfer of a beach resort in Barangay Urbiztondo, in the same town.

In the initial report, the San Juan Police Station (SJPS) said, someone called their office members concerned citizens of Barangay Urbiztondo and said the suspects had a pot session of Shabu.

According to Tipster, the SJPS said, still laughing the suspeks while shearing the shabu
Here, the SJPS anti-drug unit took the action promptly and was charged with the suspension that some of them were still holding the drug paraphernalia.

The police confiscate a few grams of shabu, improvised glass tooter and they brought to Sjps.
The suspects faces the case anti-illegal Drug Act and are currently imprisoned in the Sjps detention cell.


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