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61 year old Filipino woman arrested by the Police due to involvement of Money Laudering Scam

A Filipino woman was arrested by police last Oct.  16, 2019 in Wan Chai area. The said woman was Shirina A.Q.  aged 61 years old. The suspect was immediately taken to Eastern Magistrates Courts Presiding Judge Bina Chainrai.  Shirina was arrested by police for being involved in a money laundering scam worth $ 731,000 or equivalent of P4.8 million.

Shirina told police she understood the allegations against her.

The prosecution said that between Sept.  8 and Sept.  30, 2019 the amount of $ 731,731 has been deposited in Shirina's bank account.  This was resolved by an email scam in which she led the fraudulent transfer of funds from a Singaporeans account in credit suisse to deposit money into her bank account.  It has already withdrawn the other money in her bank account.

Police have been searching for Shirina's suspect after he failed to communicate with them in July.  Shirina's name was on the watchlist on August 11.

Last Oct.  12 showed the suspect again.  She went to Ruttonjee Hospital in Wan Chai to check up but she did not expect that the Police would arrest her that day.  She is still in the hospital now but she has a hospital band until she is taken to court.
The old woman's lawyer sought permission to allow her to be fined $ 200, saying she had her child with her in Hong Kong. And their petition was approved by the government lawyer.

The scam is a serious charge.  When Shirina was allowed to bail it was possible to flee.  In 2011, Shirina was convicted again for dishonesty offense.

Meanwhile, Judge Chainrai challenged the prosecution not to allow the old woman's bail because the case was so heavy and the evidence gathered against it was overwhelming.  The hearing of its case was set for Nov.  27 so Shirina's lawyer is preparing all the documents and medical reports that will be used in the case.  In the meantime, Shirina will remain in jail while under investigation.


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