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Pinay DH sleep outside the employer's flat now in care with Philippine Embassy

Last Friday, October 18, 2019, a picture of a girl went viral because of sleeping in a hallway outside her employer's flat.

A 54 years old named Lorna E. C., who was locked out her employer's flat in Kowloon Tong is now under the care of the Philippine Consulate General that promised her that if she was ready to leave her employer, they will help her.

Welfare attache Virsie Tamayo said that October 21, 2019, at lunchtime, Lorna a DH, who is from Capiz, had told them that she was decided to leave her employer for the abuses she suffered.

Tamayo said in a report that they try to call Lorna's employer to inform her that Lorna is not absconded at work, but the employer put down the phone. She also said the immigration Department was already informed that Lorna is in consulate's care.

Lorna said that she was locked out of the employer's flat after she threw out the trash at 4 am and 9 am was able to get back, and that's not the first time that this happened.

Her employer kept her mobile phone and she can use it for a day off only. Even not give him enough food.

As from Lorna, her employer wants to terminate her for accusing her wrongdoing. And gave her a termination letter that needs to finish the one month period that ends next month. But for her safety, she decided to leave her employer.

And now she is staying at the shelter of Philippine Overseas Labor Office before getting all her things to her ex-employer, said Tamayo.


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