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A former OFW Engineer in Saudi went back with nothing

Courtesy of Mae Regala

 Romeo Ordaz is working as an OFW for many years in Saudi. He was happy to be back in the country in 2011, after years of working in Middle East. He found out that the house he was building for years has no longer exist.

 Romeo's family left him, he had no idea where are they. So, he decided to live on the street while looking for his parents Arturo and Choncita Ordaz, but he was afraid that his parents might no longer alive. But he still has another relative that could help him in his situation. According to Mae Regala, the one who posted Romeo Ordaz story. They saw tatay Romeo at SM Southmall, according to her the OFW is a former engineer in Saudi Arabia but now he left with nothing and the only option he has is to live on the street since 2011.

 Many netizens felt pity on tatay Romeo Ordaz and they said their hoping that Ordaz story will served a lesson to all OFW that they should save a part of they earned and not just give all the salary to the families back home. So that whatever happens at least they have some money left for them for any situations that might occur in the future.

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