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A Hong Kong murder suspect is willing to turn himself to Taiwan Authorities

Hong Kong, October 23, 2019 (CNA), a Hong Kong citizen named Chan Tong-kai, a wanted in Taiwan, a suspect from killing his pregnant girlfriend (also a Hong Kong citizen), stealing money from Poon's account with her ATM card and other items belonging to Poon, was released from Hong Kong prison after serving a sentence this Wednesday. He is willing to turn himself to Taiwan authorities for the separate investigation of the death of his late girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing.

He told to the reporters in Hong Kong that he is willing to surrender himself to Taiwan authorities to face trial and possible jail time over his wrongdoing.

The case happened last February 2018 while the two lovers traveling in Taiwan. Poon's body was found inside a suitcase and dumped near MRT station in Taipei before Chan fleeing back to Hong Kong. Taiwan police identified him as the main suspect.

Rev. Canon Peter Douglas Koon of Hong Kong Anglican Church, who is also a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, a political advisory body to China's government, said he would accompany Chan when returning to Taiwan. Taiwan belief that Chan's willingness to turn himself in was fishy and had an ulterior motive.

Taiwan requested that the Hong Kong government allow them to dispatch police officers and prosecutors to bring Chan to Taiwan but the condition was not accepted by Hong Kong.


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