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A Online seller dies due to much stress and over work

An online seller is one of a well-known online job and business this time. Many people especially mothers do this for the sake of their kids. At least if moms are at home, she can take care of her children.

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Sometimes there's a buyer that very demanding. Even at night, not working hours, they sent a message and want their orders immediately at the time they want you to deliver it. The others cancel their orders when you have it already. Time is important to the seller and needs to arrange the orders to deliver it on time.

One of the online seller named Theresa Estañol Gravamen, a mother to a 6 years old son died. She was from Bicol but her present address was Sta. Rita, Pampanga. According to her sister Noemi Estañol Gravamen, her sister died because of severe asthma attacks.

Severe asthma can prevent from getting enough oxygen into your lungs and can even stop your breathing. As from her sister, she was comatose, and she was a seizure.

Theresa was overworked. She used her cellphone every day and at night. She almost no rest. A lack of sleep. And even not eating at the right time. Her sister told him to consult a doctor because of her asthma, but she refused to do it because she was busy. She died last October 20, 2019. And now her sister Noemi is taking care of her son.

To all online sellers always take care of yourself before it's too late. Eat and sleep at the right time. Do not overstress yourself, if you feel so, just breath and take a rest. And also pray always to God.


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