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A Pinay DH in Hong Kong accused of drug trafficking worth of P2.2 million

Defendant Analyn D. L., a Filipino domestic helper in Hong Kong, was charged with drug trafficking. She testified before a court of First Instance Justice Susana Almada Remedios, that one of her friend Adelaida, ask her for help if she can accept first her package from Benin that contained only cosmetics because Adelaida will be going home to the Philippines, as they talk on the phone on April 28, 2018.

Analyn said that they met her friend Adelaida in a volleyball game. For three months of being a friend, she did not know or ask Adelaida where she was work, her surname, or other personal details before a drug parcel was delivered to her at her employer's home on May 4, 2018. Analyn said she was not knowing that a parcel contained illegal drugs.

A drug parcel from Africa was contained shabu worth of P2.2 million. It contained 495 grams of crystal methamphetamine with an estimated  $330,000.

Analyn trusted Adelaida because they are the same Filipino and become a friend. She had loan money from Adelaida when she was in need of cash. So she agreed of Adelaida's favor for accepting the parcel delivered to her in her employer's home in Yuen Long.

On April 27, 2018, at Hong Kong Airport, Customs Officers had intercepted the suspicious-looking parcel, so they examined it using an x-ray machine. They saw 22 bags of potato starch and dried plants, when they opened it, it contained 16 bags of crystal meth. They undercover and deliver the package to know the story behind it.

Adelaida called Analyn to verify in DHL if the package is in Analyn's name. So Analyn called DHL before the delivery date and told Adelaida it was confirmed that she was the named recipient of the package.

On May 4, DHL delivered the package, while Analyn was signing the documents, she arrested.

Analyn cooperates with the investigator, they took her phone. She called Adelaida two times but the man answered the phone and said Adelaida was not there. She called several times but no longer answered.

The prosecutor claimed Analyn was lying and made a story because Adelaida was a man. From her phone why Analyn ask Adelaida for a picture of her wife. Analyn said they are joking because she saw Adelaida kissing another woman in a toilet.

October 15, Justice Almada Remedios, decided to order a retrial, after discovering a bundle of evidence, include mislabeled phone call records. Analyn said she used her regular phone to call Adelaida but she used WhatsApp. Justice Remedios set the start of new trial Nov. 7 with Judge Amanda Woodcock.

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