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After a decade, Nutribun is back in school in the Philippines

   Nutribun as reported by GMA News in the Philippines, yesterday October 16, 2019, the Government Organization and Philippine Society of Baking gave many nutribun to all students of Rosario Almario Elementary School this National Bread Day. Mayor Isko Moreno promised that the next year 2020 all students of the public elementary school in Manila were given nutribun every day.

   A girl named Ashley weights 31 pounds and height is 3 feet, a 7 years old girl, a grade 2 student is not in proper height and weight. She is lack of body fats and muscle tissues. She has a very thin body. A mother name Althea with 2nd husband has 3 kids. And the only work she has is to peel onions. They don't have enough money for food.
   Ashley is always absent in school. Sometimes she is sleeping inside her classroom. Her teacher understands her situation. As from her teacher, she is a slow learner and even doesn't know how to read.

   According to Mr. Bien Enrico Ah a Founding President, Philippine Society of Baking, a nutribun is different because it has a high protein, fiber and it's delicious. The 1970s was the first nutribun given to the public elementary students. This was the project to resolve the malnutrition.

   Dra. Maria Shiela Lacuna-Pangan a vice Mayor of Manila said that the government will provide a big amount of money to fulfill this project because children need proper nutrition.


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