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Alert level 1 up: Unexpected steam explosions may still occur in Taal Volcano main crater

October 7, 2019 Tuesday, Philippines Institutes of Volcanology and Seismology (PHILVOCS) warned the chances of steam explosions in the main crater of Taal Volcano as Alert level 1.

The service institute announces in one bulletin release at 8:00am that the dangerous eruption is not possible to happen. The people are reminded that the main crater of volcano should be closely not permitted because of unexpected steam explosions may exist and high concentrations of toxic gases may increase. In addition, the northern part of main crater rim in the vicinity of Daang Kastila Trail may also become dangerous when force emission along existing gap suddenly increases.

According to PHILVOCS, in the last 24 hours there are 16 volcanic earthquakes recorded in Taal Volcano. They also advice all the public that do not stay long in volcano island because that place is a permanent danger zone.


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