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Another OFW was excessively charged by a rampant corrupt taxi in NAIA

A OFW arrived in NAIA last October 24, 2019 and took a taxi from Airport going to her residence in San Joaquin, Pasig.

Upon arrival she went to look for taxi that would take her home. A white taxi namely Vilma O. Bell took her attention and convinced her to ride with him. And without hesitation she went in and a dispatcher had offered a help for his baggages.

As the the taxi was departing the airport, the driver let the dispatcher ride with them. And because she felt nervous and scared, she just shut her mouth. And as they are halfway, the driver told her that his rate per kilometer is just 20 pesos. But suddenly the driver asked her an amount of 2000 pesos for the ride even if they had not yet arrived in location.

And also the driver kept on driving in the different directions as if she didn't know the place.

Rose Pineda the uploader and a victim wants to warn everyone should be aware on this Taxi. So guys beware!


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