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Austrian killed five people his ex-girlfriend and her family and her new love ones

In Austria - Police reportedly that there is a one man killed his ex-girlfried including her family and new boyfriend of the girl in a pre dawn shooting spree Sunday at an upscale ski - resort.

The 25 year old suspect surrendered himself to the police.

The suspect tell the story how did he do the crime. He said that his relationship with the girl is broke up for the past two months. At around 4:00am in the morning he arrived at the lodge where the girl and her family stayed.
When he saw that his ex-girlfriend's father go away he go back to his house to get the gun of his brother and went back to the lodge.

At around 5:30am when the father of his ex-girlfriend's opened the door he immediately shot him followed the brother and her mother. While his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend also killed him by climbing the balcony to reach them place. The two are slept in a locked apartment inside the house.

After he did the crime he go to the police to surrendered himself telling that he killed 5 people.

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