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China plans to dismiss Hongkong Leader Carrie Lam

  According to the news Taiwan, Beijing is planning to replace Hongkong Chief Executive Carrie Lam early next year.

  The Financial Times said that China is now selecting a number of candidates to replace Lam on March 2020 earlier than his term. The Chinese government doesn't want to give up on protesters. So, after months of protests and violence between police China decided to dismiss Hongkong Leader. In the audio last September, Lam said she would "quit" if she could but before this happened the Chinese government make a move to replace her. The following are the candidates who are China's best option. Former Hongkong Monetary Head Norman Chan and Hongkong Financial Secretary and Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang.
  When the anti-extradition bill demonstration begun Lam's become the major targets of the protesters. Mid in June people hundred thousands of people begin to march on the street to disagree the "Fugitive Offenders Ordinance" and they are afraid that China holds tight on Hongkong and might put restrictions on freedom.


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