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Chinese vessel stealing sands from Taiwan territory

Taipei - A Chinese naval vessel was blocked by Taiwan Coast Guard yesterday, Oct.  27 in Lienchiang Country.  These Chinese vessels have been arrested for involvement in illegal offshore activities from the Matsu Islands.

Zhenda No.968 identified the ship involved in the incident.  It was spotted by two Taiwan Coast Guard patrols around 5 a.m.  off the coast of Juguang Township.  The ship's captain worked closely with Coast Guard officials.  And so they took the ship and so far it is on board and in the custody of Fuangang on the Nangan Island.

This incident occurs twice in a week when Chinese marines illegally take sand off the coast of Taiwan.  Last Oct.  25 also caught the same incident from the water near Penghu.  According to reports, those arrested on Friday were 28 people and are currently being detained in incommunicado.

The CNA reported that it is the fourth times happened this 2019 the incident happened this Sunday when the Taiwan Coast Guard caught Chinese navy stealing sand underwater owned by Taiwan Country.  This incident has been an activity due to rising demand in the market where sand is one of the major uses in construction.  However, the report did not say how many Zhenda crew members have been arrested but its cases are already forwarding in the Lienchiang District Prosecuting Office.


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