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"Christmas vacation of all public school start at Dec. 15, 2019" According to DepED

Philippines - The Department of Education announces to all public school students that the start of Christmas vacation is in Dec.  15, 2019 this year and returns on Jan.  06, 2020.

According to DepEd spokesperson Usec.  Nepomoceno Malaluan that it is clear that the previously suspended classes did not affect the Christmas break schedule because all school suspensions were organized and localized so there is no reason not to follow the schedule for the upcoming vacation in christmas.

It adds that there are municipalities that are suspending more because it is local governments units. There is also a less suspensions that the intervention of a missing time is more than the localized thing. It is depending on the region and divisions and even the school level.

DepEd spokesperson Analyn Sevilla said private schools can implement their Christmas vacation schedule because they have their own school calendars set by their school administrators.


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