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Congress in the Philippines to consider major increase on Teachers' salaries

There's a Good news today's World Teacher's Day.
The increasing wages of teachers is now one of the major considers by Congress, according to House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano.
Teachers’ salaries have been increased at a staggeringly lower rate compared to those of other similarly trained professionals in the government, intensifying a paradox: Education receives the largest share of the national budget, but those tasked to administer it largely remain an afterthought.
“There would be no good lawyers, doctors, or soldiers without teachers,” said Jackson Balabac, who teaches economics at Quezon City Science High School. “We’re not asking for too much, only pay that matches our efforts.”
“The youth are the hope of our country,” he added. “But who trains them? Teachers.”
Speaker Allan Peter Cayetano said in his Facebook Live video, that the minority and the majority in the advancement of the teachers ' rights and well-being were united, mainly the monthly wage.
 It is also in accordance with President Duterte's will to raise the quality and achieve the safe and comfortable lives of the teachers who are shaping up to not only the students but the Filipino people.
Teacher's are consider as Near the heart of President Duterte and House Speaker Cayetano, because  President's mother was a former teacher and also became teachers of the House Speaker, as well as her sister, Mayor Lino Cayetano.


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