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Dengue case confirmed in Taichung Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan - This Sunday, October 13 the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) confirmed the first case of dengue fever to be encountered in Taichung City this year.  It warned of an outbreak of the disease in the area on where the Aedes mosquito places was not immediately cleaned.

CDC Deputy Director - General Lo Yi-Chun said on Oct.  9 a 60 year old man was rushed to the hospital because he had high fever and severe body aches and other symptoms.  The hospital confirmed that the patient's tests were positive for Dengue disease.

According to Director Lo, they found in the patient's house six containers of water where mosquitoes staying and carrying a disease on that place. He added that there is a medium risk of disease spreading in the area.

However, considering all getting source of authorities where they confirmed that another patient had dengue after visiting the area. This patient has just returned from his flight to India.

In New Taipei there is also news that he has been infected with dengue and is currently admitted to the hospital.

Local officials are taking action to avoid and prevent dengue disease. These include fogging and cleaning the area where patients have confirmed dengue.

In CDC report, there are 97 indigenous dengue cases of dengue fever recorded in Taiwan. 57 in Kioshiung, 31 in Tainan, 2 in Taipei, 5 in New Taipei and one each for Taoyoan and Taichung. Meanwhile, accordin to CDC statistics also there are 418 totaled number of imported cases some of these are Vietnam, Cambodia and Philipines.


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