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Domestic Workers Salaries in Hongkong raised to HK$4,630 (P30,668)

Hong Kong- Despite the continuous crises in Hong Kong due to an unending protest against the government. There is a piece of good news from their government to all domestic helpers because recently, they announced the new salary increase.

Those Domestic Helpers who signed the employment contract on or before September 28, 2019, will have an increased from HK$4,520 (P29,939) to HK$4,630 (P30,668). But for those who get food allowance from their employers, however, they will only have a monthly increase of $46 (P305), from $1,075 (P7119) to $1,121 (P7,425) per month as reported by GMA News.

Meanwhile,  Cynthia Tellez, general manager of the Mission for Migrant Workers, said. “Hong Kong has at least HK$25,000 (P823,528) per capita income for 2019. Even if you include all that a migrant worker consumes and uses in an employer's household, it does not match what a person should get as an income. Foreign domestic workers are not less human, working people,”

“While it is true that one should say ‘Thank you!’ for a well-deserved raise, salaries are not decided upon simply at anyone's whim,”
"slave wage." She added.


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