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Driver of Habal Habal was complained for harassment from a passenger in Quezon City

Manila, Philippine - One driver of motorcycle which is called "Habal Habal" arrested last Saturday because of sexual abuse of his passenger in Quezon City.

The victim named Fianne telling that she came from the house of her friend in Project 6 Q.C and she book a ride in Eastwood. But instead of bringing her house, the driver turned around her in Katipunan and CP Garcia.

They stopped many times in the dark side of the road and it was start here that the driver touched the delicate part of his passenger's body. When the victim saw a barangay official, she immediately shouted and the driver was arrested. The barangay official turn over the suspect in Anonas Police Station.

The Police recommend to charged the suspect of with an Act of Lasciviousness and posible the victim may be charged in a more serious rape case.


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