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Employers group request for a system review for disqualifying unfitted caregivers

 Taiwanese employer called out the government to disqualify caregivers who do not fulfill their duties well according to the Central News Agency (CNA) in Taipei.

They receive 20-30 phone calls every day from the employers who are complaining about their workers who did not do their jobs said Chen Li-Jen member of the Taiwan Foreign Worker and Employer rights. According to him caregiver carelessly performs their duties after knowing that their patient is ill and need attention all the time said the employer.

Chen set an example of a Caregiver in Taipei when the patient is put on the wheelchair for 2 hours under the sun while the caregiver is using a cellphone. The patient almost died by having a cardiac arrest. After what happened, fortunately, the caregiver filed a transfer an approved by the Ministry of Labor (MOL). The MOL said the transfer was approved because the caregiver didn't give enough food to eat and the employer was given heavy workload and the employer did not prove that her allegations to the caregiver worker were true.

 The law was protecting the migrant workers and there is no review happened for the caregiver system. Once the caregiver transfer for an employer she needs to find a job before her former employer finds a replacement for the job.

 Chen sympathized with families with patients who need care and attention all the time. The group of employers suggested to limit the transfer 3 times in 3 years but MOL's said it was against the rights of migrants workers who work in Taiwan.

 Although the MOL's didn't answer the employer's request, they said that if the migrant worker violated the law they will ask to leave the country.


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