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Fireworks show in Taipei will feature Led display animation

  October 23 The Central News Agency (CNA) said that the fireworks show will feature the upgraded lighting by led display animation by Taiwan Bar Studio for the New Year's Countdown in Taipei.

  The Taipei Financial Center Corp. said that enable them to improve the fireworks show they used 140,000 led lights made up of T-pad walls covering the Taipei 101 exterior from 35th to 90th floor.

  The is T-pad video is the one who is  in charge for the fireworks display in the last 2 years they are now provided with Taiwan Bar Studio the popular in creating a theme like Formosan Black bear character " Beeru."

  The 2020 budget for the fireworks display and T-pad display is NT$60 million or US$ 1.96million according to Taipei 10. 1 Chief Operating Officer Liu Chia-hao. Due to environmental reasons, they were now using fewer fireworks than in the past years. Although the event is more on fireworks and T-pad display, the viewers will see a different kind of visual experience. The show will run up to 5 minutes.

   Liu did not reveal the theme for this year he said that the viewers must expect different kinds of experience now than other years.

  The graphic count down back in 2018  the baseball player Chen Chin Feng is included. In 2019 they came up with the title of "The Glory of Taiwan" as celebrating the different facets of the country's culture.


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