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Gold Star releases statement over shipments incident in Quezon Province

The Goldstar Management release a statement regarding the issue of the delivery truck that was accidentally out of control and felt down in maharlika Highway in Quezon, Province last sunday.

Regarding po sa umiikot na balita  ngayon sa facebook regarding sa naaksidenteng truck ng Gold Star sa Pilipinas.

Regarding about the spreading news in Facebook about the incident, where the delivery truck of Gold Star in the Philippines went through accident.

Nangyari po ang accident nun Oct 27- Sunday, pang 2 days na  byahe  sa Quezon. Last delivery na sana papunta sa Magallanes Lopez, Quezon area na lang ng madulas po sila.  

The accident happen last October 27(Sunday) day 2 of their delivery in part of Quezon Province part. The last delivery which is going to Magallanes Lopez, Quezon area. The road where to slippery thats way the truck felt down in maharlika Highway in Quezon, Province last sunday.

The 2 staff that of the delivery truck is already stable and already discharge in hospital. The Naga branch rescue the 11 box the 3 box is already delivered and the remaining 8 box we will delivered after all saint's day.

Don't worry about boxes, the box are well and secured and properly coordinated the consignee.

Thank you very much we really appreciate your concern to us.

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