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High prices of foods at Shilin Night Market is being investigated by Taipei Officers

Taipei - An incident happened at the Shilin Night Market where a customer was angry over the high price of food he had ordered.

A Taiwanese woman with the surname Huang posted on her FB page that she and her boyfriend went to the Shilin night market and ate at a store and ordered beef chunks cubes.  But before they went to that night market they came from another night market and bought the same dish they ordered and did not mind asking the price. When the beef chunks cubes were completed, a customer  was charged NT$ 300 per bowl, they ordered a two bowl which total of NT$ 600.  This customer is very angry because the food they buy is also the same market they went to before with only NT$ 100 for the small bowl, NT$ 200 for the large bowl.

The post also stated that the seller did not put a price on his store but before ordering their order he immediately paid it.  Because of this incident Huang did not like it because she felt she was deceived at that time and made her fool because she did not know the market prices. Huang suspected that the vendor is  intended to raise the price of the product it sells to harass tourist consumers like her.  When news broke that night, store owner Liao explained and said that they had misunderstanding between them on what happened that night because his beef chunks cubes had three sizes.  NT$ 100 in small, NT$ 200 in medium and NT$ 300 in large.

 It also said that his product has a price and it was listed in the sample container. He charged the customer NT$ 300 because he gave them the large bowl size with price of NT$ 300.  In response to the customer here she updated her FB post saying that the owner had taken their order at that time and had purchased other customer before they ordering but the store owner did not mention the difference  size of bowl.  It also mentioned in the post that other customers were also surprised by the high price of the seller.

According to the UDN report, officers from the Taipei City Market Administrative Officers and the Taipei Police Department responded immediately upon hearing of the incident.  In their investigation, four vendors were fined NT $ 1200 for violating the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act for occupying public property. The officers also discovered that other vendors were not pricing their wares correctly, so they gave them four days to fix their signages.  If they did not do so within the day the vendors would fine between NT$ 20,000 to NT$ 100,000.


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