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Iron door thieves roam the New Taipei City. Six apartments were affected

A new burglar recently appeared in the New Taipei City area, stealing the door of an old apartment.  Within three weeks at least six apartments were looted and over 150,000 iron gates were sold.  However, the iron gate industry says that when they install the door the "back button" is turned off and when you raise it will automatically stop where the door is not easily removed.

A man was caught on cctv camera wearing a hard hat coming out of a house and carrying the stolen door and turning away.  But it does not expect to get stuck.  It took the tool out of his pocket and cut the joint first.  The door was then moved to another location.

Eyewitnesses said he quickly caught the stolen door, carried it off the road and got into a vehicle.  Because the apartment could not find the door it was deciding to sell.
Some residents say the door may not be closed so it is quickly removed.

When the residens get up in morning  they realized something was wrong.  And they saw that their door was missing so they hurried to inform the apartment owner in Xinbei City what had happened.  The suspect was named Chen and began his work from the end of August to mid-September.  The apartment was for cash.  The location includes Changshou Street, Chitose Street, Fuxing Road.  The six affected apartments cost 157,800 yuan.

Li Zhixiang, head of the investigation team what happened earlier said the steel gate was at a market price of 12,000 yuan was sold in the recycling field and it was available at a low price of 1,000 yuan

The iron door industry has revealed a proof in some old apartments where they made iron doors are not easy to remove.  It also claims that the thief has his own way of removing the doors one of which is if the hinge is not locked and easily removed when lifted so that most of the time it can be welded again.

The operators who made the iron say that it came down with it and that it was not the way to stand simply because it was not advocating the direction to put it.  And inseparable.

This way even under, it will stop unless there is damage to the tools, otherwise it will not be lifted.  At this time, Chen's suspicion seemed to be ready.  The first line of defense of the apartment is very easy to steal.  Now residents are worried about their house, they fear that the thief might be at the iron gate.  Because the thief is always just around the corner.


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