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Japan won`t join US in Mideast tension

Washington urged Japan to join the US-Military initiative after the incident last June when a Japanese tanker attacked in Gulp of Oman.

The US-Iranian relation worsens when US Pres. Donald Trump pulled out nuclear deal and seizures of an oil tanker at Sea.

Japan plans to deploy warships in Gulp of Oman and Northern Arabian Sea for gathering of information purposes only but did not include the deployment of a warship at the center of US-Iran tension.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said Japan will keep cooperating closely despite not joining the US. Instead, Japan will send its forces that aimed to protect commercial tankers from alleged Iranian attacks.

Suga also said peace and stability in the Mideast are extremely important for international society, including Japan.

The Japan government energy extremely relies on oil import in MidEast that's why Prime Minister Shinzo tried to help tension between the US and Iran.


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