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Johnson & Johnson powder products recalled over harmful asbestos content

  According to Johnson & Johnson Manila, only the powder products are affected for the recall in the United States after the allegations that it contains asbestos. The company said that the Philippines is not affected by the 33,000 recall powder products in the United States.

  The safety of customers is their number one priority. The voluntary recall the affected products in the United States according to healthcare conglomerate.

   The company said that the only place was affected is only in the US and not included the outside countries from the incident.

  The substance of asbestos is a carcinogen that is connected to deadly mesothelioma.

 The Johnson & Johnson are now conducting an investigation about the incident with Unites States FDA. The company said that in 40 years they don't see a harmful substance in their products and its safe for usage. They will resolve this issue quickly for the sake of their consumers.

Source:Abs- cbn News

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