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Lawmakers in Taiwan suspended the bill seeking for contract extension for foreign caregivers

 October 23 in Taipei, according to Central News Agency (CNA) the bill for foreign caregiver fail to pass in the committee stage because the lawmaker couldn't agree to extend the working permit in Taiwan for caregiver workers.

 Based on Legislator's Social Welfare and Environment Hygiene Committee and some lawmakers that include Hsu Chih-jung of Kuomintang (KMT) said that the usual length out te for foreign migrants worker should not be exceeded for 15 as caregiver workers.

  Under Employment Act Article 52, all the foreign caregiver worker should not work over 12 years however they can extend their working permit for 2 years for a special situation.

  Lao Kuo-tung and some KMT lawmakers suggested extending the working permit to six years after reviewing Article 52 but
Chui Chih-Wei the ruler of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and other DPP legislators suggested to extend it for nine years.

  Some legislators said that the limit time should be removed totally in line of other countries like Hongkong and South Korea.

 Article 52 is temporarily suspended until the party could reach the consensus.

 According to Workforce Development  Agency Director-general Huang Chiu-Kuei, the extended years proposing for foreign caregivers should study carefully because it will affect the government policy care. It should consider the country immigration policy.


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