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LGBT Pride Parade in Taipei reached to 200,000

   October 26, Central News Agency (CNA) reported 200,000 people marched in Taipei including Gay, Lesbian, bisexual and transgender or known as LGBT to call the attention of the public to accept them especially now that same-sex marriage is legal.

  The 17th Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade was started at Taipei City Hall Plaza to Ketagalan Boulevard in front of Presidential Office. It is one of the largest group parades in Asia. They wear flamboyant costumes and waving their rainbow's flag.

  The organizer said that the number of participants as of 5:30 pm is 200,000. Its bigger than few hundreds of people way back in 2013. There are some foreign representatives in the march from offices of Taiwan like United Kingdom, Australia, United States, France, Belgium and Europen Union. CNA said that the theme of this year parade is "Together, Make Taiwan Better" it a message to the public to be open-minded and accept the LGBT community for who they are especially that Taiwan legalized the same-sex marriage according to one of the organizers and Deputy Coordinator of the Marriage Coalition Joyce Teng. Their life becomes easy when same-sex marriage has been legalized. After this happened they're a now the couple can make their partners beneficiaries for insurance and all legal documents can have like a normal couple.

  Taiwan is being praised by many participants because it is the first country legalized same-sex marriage

  May 17, Enforcement Act of Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 748 it allows same-gender 18 years old above to register a marriage. It is passed by Taiwan's Legislative Yuan and makes the country the first to Legalized same-sex marriage that is implemented on May 24. But this law has exceptions, Taiwanese cannot married from other countries under same-sex marriage. There are now
2,155 same-sex marriage in Taiwan according to Ministry of the Interior Statistics. Some of this is a pair of women (1,461) and others are men (694).


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