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Lumpiang Shanghai, made into a baptismal souvenir, popular with netizens

Viral on social media the lumpiang Shanghai made souvenir in a christening reception. It is often making jokes for Filipinos the lumpiang Shanghai, that has even had different memes on social media. 

So when a netizen shares a "unique" souvenir, tooks so much attention towards to Pilipinos. The picture that shared where very famous to all pilipinos, everyone's favorite a lumpiang shanghai. Even so, many of us Filipinos loves lumpiangs shanghai, and we even had made various memes on social media. So it is no surprise that the viral post of netizen Abby Sombilon, a maker of cakes and cupcakes, used to be used as souvenirs on the some gathering.

Sombilon's Facebook post even reached nearly 10,000 shares. She even said that someone had been texting him if he was making a lumpiang shaghai souvenir. "Hahaha there's alot of people me if i do this lumpiang shanghai souvenir. So i really want to do it" Sombilon said in a comment on his viral post.

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