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Magnitude 5.0 earthquake strike again in Mindanao early morning

Tulunan Cotabato- Early morning of Wednesday, October 30 a magnitude 5.0 earthquake has again hits  the town of Tulunan in Cotabato  Province at around 5:22 a.m. according to PHILVOCS.

The earthquake epicentre was recorded at 28 kilometres of East in Talunan, Cotabato and with a depth of 1 kilometre. The intensity was felt in Kidapawan City with 5.0 magnitude earthquake. Yesterday morning the town had been hits of 6.6 magnitude earthquake. Many parts of Mindanao felt the earthquake. And another 4.4 magnitude earthquake was reported at around 6:21 am according to PHILVOCS.

 The agency said that there are no damage caused by the earthquakes early in this morning. 


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