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Man jumped to death in between Ayala and Buendia Station in Makati Philipines

Yesterday, October 15, 2019. The Mrt-3 need to limit their operations due to an accident of a guy with mental illness. He jumped into the railway track and cause to death between Ayala and Buendia stations. They said that he did’nt hit or run over him by the train. The security personnel told that the guy was climbed at the wall and jumped. In a minute they tries to revive the guy but he is dead already. And still in an investigation of what really happened. All passengers need to go down in shaw boulevard station and commute in other cars due to incident.

      Almost 2 and half hour they limit the operations of Mrt-3. According to Mrt Director Engineer Michael Capati at Mrt entrance they put a sign or board base on provisionary operations must in north avenue to shaw boulevard only. And resume all the operations at 2:47pm.

      The Director Engineer Michael Capati ask for additional security personnel and cctv along Mrt stations. Start 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm all passengers can ride in the first set of train built by Chinese company called DALIAN train. The trial period is until this end of the month. As you will remembered the Dalian train was here in the Philippines year 2016. They don’t try this train because they have doubt the compatability of train in a rails of Mrt. But now the Dalian train pass in validation test. Almost over 1000 passengers can ride in Dalian train.
      The Director Michael Capati ask for help of all passengers that if they see some person with mental illness or doing something wrong , please to report at security personnel.


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