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Matsu Island in Taiwan recognized as one of the World's top "Smart" Communities

  Taiwan News reported that the Taiwan Lienchiang County known also as "Matsu Island is in the rank of World' top" Smarties Cities" according to by Intelligent Community Forum or ICF in Smart21 Communities for the global ranking 2020.

  This is the first time that Matsu Island has been included in 21Smart Communities. They will now compete for the spot of number seven and they will join Chiayi City that is always in the rank every year since 2017 by ICF.

  CNA reported that Liechiang County created a Smart City Promotion Committee way back May 1, 2018. The committee works actively to implement smart infrastructures Projects. These are the examples of their projects smart campus alert system, online booking services for tourists to government-sponsored tours at well-known places like Qinbe village and blue tears and real-time bus monitoring system.

  Matsu Island is the second offshore place in Taiwan that includes in the rank for the smart community of the 21st century. The Kinmen County made to the list in 2018. There are other cities in Taiwan that make it to the rank by ICF, Tainan which includes from the year 2017 to 2019 and Taoyuan from 2016 to 2019.

   These are the other places that made an appearance in ICF of Smart21 Communities over the last 8 years. New Taipei, Keelung, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Hsinchu, Yilan County, Taitung County, Changhua County.
The Taiwanese Communities shows strong evidence that their country's committed to technology innovation and sustainable development.

 Taipei made it to the list on 2016, Since the ICF started to rate the world top smart communities, only three years that Taiwanese County's does not make it to the list (2007,2008 & 2010).


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