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Mom killed her 4 years old kid and 11 years old critical due to several stabbed in Rizal Philippines

In Rizal, Laguna October 15, 2019. In their own house at the 2nd-floor room of 2 children. A 30 years old mother killed her 4 years old daughter and stabbed 20 times her 11 years old daughter. Even though an 11 years old girl has many wounds she tries to run outside of their house but her mother still followed her and stab again. A neighbor saw this situation. A guy said to a mother that no please stop she's your daughter. But a mother said no she's a monster (manananggal in the Philippines). When the policeman came they arrested a mother.

The authorities did not tell what their name and cover the face of the victim and suspect to protect them. They saw a 4 years old girl laying in a bed and no life. They think that she died using a pillow to her face until she's not breathing. Then they saw an aluminum foil, a lighter, a drug (shabu). Maybe the mother used drugs and she's not in her mind. They also saw a burning shirt and an open gas stove. Police said she did it to cover what happened and try to burn the house but it's not a success. The husband is working as a driver in other countries in Dubai. He didn't know what her wife did. An 11 years old daughter is alive and now in the hospital.


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