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LOOK: Food delivery drivers in Taiwan earned more than NT$42,000 per month

Amount of 42,000NT$ earn by food delivery drivers in Taiwan

The Central News Agency reported that an average of NT $ 42000 per month is earned by one delivery driver in Taiwan.  The said amount is high compared to the salary of a new graduates . 

The minimum monthly wage of delivery driver receives is 20,000NT$ and an average of 42,000NT$.  It is determined by 104 job bank data.  And according to the job bank site's report, the delivery driver reached the amount of 180,000NT$.

Other employees of the company that work are part time jobs only.  And the time it spends is only 3 to 4 days a day or every weekend and its wage is around 10,000NT$.

Job Bank has released data across the rising awareness for the sake of food drivers delivery in Taiwan. After accidents occur in its different places.


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