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New underpass in Chiang- kai shek Station to NTCH is being excavated

The Board of Directors of the National Performing Arts Center and its Cabinets approved the digging of an underground tunnel for a project.  The project is the construction of a new MRT station from Chiang-Kai Shek Memorial Hall to the National Theater and Concert Hall (NTCH).

According to the CNA report that once the original plan of the Taipie Metro System has been finalized it will include a blueprint that will create an underpass for the new MRT Station from CKS memorial hall exit 5 to NTCH.  However, technological constraints meant noise and respect from passing trains that may not interfere with the performance of the hidden idea.

NTCH Exe.  and Artistic Director Ann Yi Ruu-Liu said the new underpass would create a safe route for visitors who wanted to get to NTCH immediately.  As of now, the road crosses the underground parking exit.  He added that the new station will also create a more accessible environment for adults and the disabled and to promote cultural equality.

In planning to construct the underpass, as well as the Theater terrace, forest area, and liberty square archway will also be restored.  Construction scheduled for the project will begin in 2022.


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