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Newly amended Crime Victim Protection Act to protect the migrant workers

Taiwan government has amended a provisions in the Crime Victim Protection Act  which give a new measures to assist the foreign citizens, if they are victims of a crime committed in Taiwan, following the case of Hong Kong suspect Chan Tong-kai (陳同佳), who allegedly murdered his girlfriend Poon Hiu-wing (潘曉穎) in Taiwan last year, The Ministry of Justice said.

He also stressed, Taiwan is one of the most progressive countries in the world in terms of state assistance and compensation for victims who are foreigners, told a news conference in Taipei on Wednesday.

Any foreigners working at business firms, migrant laborers from Southeast Asian countries or tourists could be a victim, he said.

The victim’s family can apply for financial compensation, with the maximum amount set at NT$1.4 million (US$45,959), if violence towards foreigners happens in our country, Chen said.

The family of victims who are killed must apply at the respective city or county district prosecutor’s office. Recently, compensation provided to families has been about NT$600,000 to NT$800,000, a section chief at the Ministry’s Department of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Protection Chu Nien-chin (朱念慈) said.

There are reports in the past years that migrant laborers have been injured or killed at job sites. Legal action is ongoing for alleged negligence by their employers, if convicted, financial compensation will be awarded by the victims, and employers may go to prison, Chu said.

He also said that aside from financial compensation. The ministry also provides interpretation services for the victim’s family, psychological counseling, and transportation arrangements and funeral assistance if needed.

These measures took effect last Oct. 1 when bridge collapse in Nanfangao in Yilan County was fishers from Indonesia and the Philippines were injured and died.

Chen quoted that the equality of people's lives remains at the top regardless of which country you belong to.

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