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Not circumcision can cause a cancer?

Circumcision or removal of the foreskin from the genitals may be considered as a "rite of passage" before it becomes a teenager, or at an early age. However, there are those who are not circumcised, which can cause serious illness.  But can it really cause cancer?

According to urologist Joseph Lee, having cancer is the worst thing that can happen to uncircumcised men. There may be smegma or accumulation of bacteria, in the foreskin of a male who has not been removed which can cause cancer if left untreated. If the glans penis has been hiding in the area for a long time, there is a tendency that it can cause penile cancer, which can accumulate bacteria because it can become a medium for growth.

If a man's genitals have too much foreskin it can be prevented by bacteria and other discharges that can be caused by other diseases. Lee said, sometimes it is said that excessive foreskin can cause bacterial infection and accumulated discharge that can cause diseases. The circumcision is out of date as long as he or she can start the circumcision if the foreskin is retracted or restored.

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