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OFW in UAE caught by Police in disguise and fined due to Jaywalking

Courtesy of TFT

In the UAE, a Filipino Worker was caught due to jaywalking violation by a police officer who claimed to be a simple citizen.

Jericho Campos, not his real name is mentioned as ofw. He is events coordinator in the UAE.  He said he had never experienced any violations in his six years in the country.  First time he did jaywalking because he was in a hurry to get to work.  He didn't think it was the first violation he could make.  He also did not think that a police officer had approached him and had shown ID that he thought was a Budol budol gang.

He added that the deputy police officer had obtained his Emirates ID and had given him a ticket for the fine he had committed.  And he was told that he went to the Police Station for a bribe and paid the fine he had violated so he could recover what he had taken.

The UAE has imposed a fine for people who violate jaywalking, and all those caught will pay DH400.  This is in accordance with the UAE Traffic Law.

The violator advises every one that he will not repeat what he done, because it is difficult to get fined so it is best to follow the rules.


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