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Pinay DH in Hong Kong sentence to 8 years in prison for selling illegal drugs

 Hong Kong- October 25,  Former Filipino Domestic Helper sentenced by the High court to be in prison for almost 8 years for selling illegal drugs in Yau Ma Tei.

 Josefine M. F. pledge guilty for trafficking of illegal drugs. Cocaine 27.9 grams, ketamine 19 grams and shabu 23.09 grams. The suspect sentenced for 7 years and 10  months imprisonment by Judge S. T. Poon of High Court.

  The sentenced of Josephine was increased by 10 months because of time offence she was an Asylum Seeker. The messenger related to drugs was seen when her WhatsApp retrieved. Josephine was captured on April 28, 2018, inside the flat at Room C, Flat B, 1st Floor, 199 Shanghai Street, Yau Ma Tei said the prosecutor. At 12:30 pm with the warrant of arrest, the police entered the place and Josephine was captured. The police said that when their conducting a search operation Josephine tries to cover the toiletry bag in her right hand. When she had asked what is inside the bag the suspect don't answer their questions. They open the bag and saw the shabu, ketamine and cocaine.

 The police also saw an electronic weighing scale, flat empty resealable packets and note pad. There is also a purse with $18,540 cash.

 The suspect remains silent as the investigation going on Josephine said that she had a friend Charlotte that's stayed their overnight. In April 29 pledges guilty for illegal drugs trafficking. The suspect's lawyer said that Josephine is a Domestic Helper way back in 2014 but got terminated on 2016. The suspects have 3 children in the Philippines that are still studying.

  Another Filipino was arrested last month in Yua Ma Tei for selling shabu and was sentenced for 5 years.


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