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Pinay DH in Hongkong was arrested for alleged involvement in prostitution

Hong Kong (Oct. 29, 2019)- one Filipino domestic worker from Antique is determined by imprisonment until 10 months due to involvement with $ 31.5 million online prostitution ring in Hongkong country.

District Court Judge David Dufton sentenced Jeanette V.G.  a single parent working with his employer at Mid-Levels, after he pleaded guilty to something he received from prostitutes for a long time.

Judge Dufton said in sentencing Jeanette that the size of this operation was too large.  And it spanned more than nine years and reached revenues of $ 31.5 million.

Jeanette anointed employer is the one's own website that offers sex services that include prostitute women who come from other countries such as Venezuela, Italy, Russia, Philippines and other in Hongkong for the short period of time.

Jeanette admitted that she follows the instructions of her employer to answer calls from the clients and calls the agent to set prostitute women to introduce their clients to different hongkong hotels. The numbers of their websites are placed in the three landline of her employer.

She also said that she started on work last May 2009 until the place of her employer was raid by the police    and he was arrested, as well as other domestic helpers.

She also told that when she started to answer the phone she thought was a massage service but that her discretion was a prostitution.

She has been afraid of being held from her work as a domestic helper so she entered a prostitution where he earned $ 1,000 or $ 2,000 a month and $ 162,000 income within the nine years.

Because of this report, the police conducts the undercover operations to attack the alleged prostitution. Four undercover police will contact the prostitution ring and pay $ 5,000 to 7,080 for the service of Prostituted Women from Venezuela and Russia.

When the police raised the polls of the prostitutions saw a ledger which was in place of their transactions.

Jeanette's lawyer, asking for the court to forgive his client for what he did. Just a small role in the case, was to receive a call and forward the messages to the agent. His children and their municipal mayor wrote to judge dufton to seek mercy for Jeanette. Jeanette's lawyer also said in spite of all she did not lack the care and guidance  of his children. Even though it was sentence for 10 months in a prison. It was short just because Jeanette was still in jail for 8 months while his case was still in touch.

Judge Dufton said the police that the bill recorded 37 accounts of the bank had to go through the last nine years to determine the extent of the prostitution's finances. The employer of Jeanette and both assistant, who forced their innocent, will try next year.


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