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Pinay Domestic Helpers in Hongkong increased by nearly 3k despite island protest

Based on the latest data of Immigration Department (ImmD), the numbers of Filipino workers in Hongkong that among the anti-government protests had going up by nearly 3,000

According to Philippine Sec. Silvestre Bello III he said that he want to reassure a stoppage in the deployment of Filipino Workers in Hongkong but that probably had not happened to continued the protests.

The demontrations have gone on even after Hongkong Chief Exe. Carrie Lam in September withdraw the controversial extradition bill that started  the protest last June. Because of that happened , the demonstrators are now also calling for overall suffrage, an independent inquiry into alleged police brutality, the release of arrested protester and clearing the Riot.

The HelperChoice released the result of survey of foreign domestic workers in hongkong which is 52% of OFW cannot worried by the protest while 45% are worried but not considering leaving the said country.

In survey of 982 OFW works on that country it showed that 97% don't want to go back in the philippines or transfer to another country if Manila decide a deployment ban to hongkong.

On September 27, the hongkong government said that the minimum wage of domestic helpers are increase by $110 and this will apply to all FDH contracts signed on or after September 28. Also the food allowanced will be raised by $46 from not less than $1,075 to not less than $1,121 per month.


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