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Pinoy has got the Grand Prize in an EyeAm Awards performed in Germany this 2019

Came from Lucban, Quezon Philippines the person who won in photojournalist category and it was Marlon Villaverde.

Villaverde's winning pieces of love of Senior and Image of the Dead Christ won the prestigious prize which it is considered to be the biggest competitions of photography around the world. Many photographers join the competition from different countries, including professional and amateur photographers.

Villaverde said that the photo was took at Lucban, Quezon Philippines in celebrating the Good Friday's holiday of the Pinoy Catholic Church while they procession the  image of Mahal na Senyor. And because of what he won, his victory was dedicated to all their fellowmen and in the Philippines.

The ten categories that the contestants have been chooses are the following: The Traveler, The Street Photographer, The Mobile Photographer, The Minimalist, The Portraitist, Th Great Outdoors, The Foodie, The Architect, The Creative, And The PhotoJournalist.


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