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Pinoy nearly died from being made to stop a catering truck that lost control

The Pinoy has been held today in Chicago, United States after he has been able to conclude the catering truck in an airplane at the O'Hare Airport International Airport.

Based on the investigation, the motorized catering truck has lost control and is playing one of the airplane's tarmac. It started when a water cart dropped and lightened its gas pedal.

In the viral video, the truck is seen fast and fast turning almost to the plane. Some airport personnel tried to stop it but they just collided.The destructive truck was stopped when the tow tractor hit it.

Airport worker Jorge Manalang thought the car had been forced to stop. He told that he just did his job to prevent further disasters.

He added also, when he saw the cart turning for almost a minute, he started to think how it could be stopped and he saw the pushback parked right on the nose gear of the aircraft.

One of those who admired and praised Manalang's heroism was US President Donald Trump.


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