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POEA finalizes the hiring process of 2,000-5,000 workers for Canada and Slovenia

Manila (Oct. 25, 2019) -  The Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA) has confirmed that Canada is the need of another 2,000 skilled and semi-skilled workers.

"There is already an agreement na it will be a government-to-government track at pine-prepare na po at pina-finalize na 'yung ating bilateral labor agreement. Then, we will be ready to start the deployment," said Bernard Olalia, administrator of the Philippine Overseas Employment Association (POEA).

Likewise, Slovenia needs 2,000 to 5,000 skilled and semi-skilled workers. And the salary could reach up to $1,000 or P50,000 to P75,000 per month.

Interested should prepare ahead of the passport, training certifications and other documents while the agreement is being ironed out. They also advise everyone to regularly check the POEA website for the update of the job opening. They also assured that the chances of getting hired in Canada and Slovenia are bigger for those who have job experiences locally.



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