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Possible mandatory repatriation of OFW in Hongkong if the situation worsens,” Bello said.

Hongkong- The island of Hong Kong are facing the unending violence from the protesters. Paralyzing the economy and damaging public transportation system and various establishments.

Recently, the Executive Chief of Hong Kong Carrie Lam had declared an emergency power in the island to control the worsened situation. And this results to more protest being held.

Meanwhile, the Philippine government as promised to protect it's people from danger. They advised the Filipino not to go in Hongkong if there is no important transactions until normalized. And also they are doing plans for possible repatriation if the situation got worse. It is estimated that there are 300,000 OFW working in Hongkong.

Should there be a military crackdown on protesters, the government will implement its “voluntary repatriation” policy, the Labor chief said. But if the situation worsens, the government will have no option but to bring Filipinos home.

“We are not setting aside the possible mandatory or force repatriation if the peace and order situation worsens,” Bello said.

“We are again urging all our OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) in Hong Kong to exercise caution by staying indoors and keeping away from the locations where protest activities are taking place,” the labor chief said.



  1. Then why there's still pilipino first timer come her to work.

  2. Why there's still agency in Phils hiring filipino to work here....



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